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The 'Netherlands Platform of Global Health Policy and Health Systems Research' (Platform) was set up on the 17th October 2007 as a result of the Dutch Schokland Agreement 'Knowledge for Health' dated 30 June 2007. On behalf of the Dutch Cabinet, the State Secretary of Health, Welfare and Sports (VWS) dr. M. Bussemaker signed this agreement with the Chairman of the Platform, prof. dr. P.J. van der Maas.

The objectives of the Platform are to:

  • Join the forces of academic and non-academic knowledge centres, non-governmental and development organisations, state departments and research financiers with the aim to contribute to better health systems in the developing countries;
  • Make meaningful and effective use of Dutch knowledge on health and health systems for policy making, monitoring and evaluation of global health systems.

The mission of the Platform is to encourage cooperation and synergy between policy making, research and practice and to advocate for 'global health policy and health systems research'.

The Platform aims to reach its mission and objectives by performing the following practical tasks, in which an active contribution to the Millennium Developing Goals 4,5 and 6 are foreseen:

  • Advising the Dutch Government and Dutch non-governmental and development organizations on international health policy issues based on up-dated evidence and insights about health systems' functioning;
  • Contributing to strengthening of 'global health policy and health systems research', among others by advising Dutch research institutions and research financiers about the development and execution of one or more research programmes in this area.
  • Ensuring accessible research results for the benefit of policy-making and practice (meetings, conferences and publications)
  • Establishing and maintaining national and international contacts.

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Global Health Platform
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2509 AC The Hague

T: +31 (6) 55 197 342
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E: info@globalhealthplatform.nl

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